Cartes Postales From Greece

Cartes Postales From Greece


Publication Date:
ISBN: 9781472223531
Themes: realistic fiction Society Travel Community Religion Mythology


Cartes Postales From Greece is about a young woman named Ellie who keeps receiving postcards for the former occupant of the flat she lives in. Each postcard shows a snapshot of different places in Greece and is signed simply with the initial A.

Ellie can’t stop herself from reading them and receiving these postcards begin to brighten up her day. She pins them to her noticeboard and begins to dream of these beautiful places.

One day, Ellie decides she has had enough of just looking at the postcard and decides to go and visit Greece for herself.

On the day she sets off she receives a notebook from the mysterious A. This notebook tells the story of A, how his own journey around Greece began and the stories he collected from people along the way.

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