Mo, me and America: The Vanishing Rural Community

Mo, me and America: The Vanishing Rural Community


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ISBN: 9781457543470
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A man, his dog,

and their 15,000-mile search

for rural America.

Randy Turk, along with his dog, Mo, spends sixteen months traveling the country in search of the rural America of his past: a time when Main Street was crowded, family and neighbors lived just down the road, and communities pulled together in times of need.

In conversational interviews with 105 residents, Turk poses three guiding questions: Tell me about your town or community; tell me what it is like to live here; and tell me how it has changed. The participants include farmers, students, pilots, waitresses, artists, editors, volunteer firemen, politicians, museum curators, mayors, business owners, and retirees of every age, creed, and color. What binds them together is not only a belief in second chances but also the fact that they have all experienced life in a type of community that is rapidly vanishing.

It is not gone yet, however. Small Town, USA is alive and well: different, perhaps, but surprisingly vital, just like its people.

Randy Turk has found what he was looking for, and these are their stories

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