Almost Missed You

Almost Missed You


Violet shares the perfect life with her husband Finn and her son Bear. Until one day whilst she is on vacation she returns to find Finn has abducted her son. Suddenly she begins to question if she ever really knew her husband at all.

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Almost Missed You was not as exciting as the official blurb for the book made it seem. If anything, it was a bit lacklustre. I spent most of the book wanting to give various characters a shake to bring them back to reality.

I think my main problem is everything could have been solved by a little bit of communication. There was no need for things to have escalated as much as they did. It all seemed a little bit ridiculous frankly.

I thought Jessica Strawser’s writing was good, it was just the story I didn’t enjoy.

It begins with Violet sitting on a beach with a cocktail. She is relaxing and thinking that although it has been a long time since she has had so much alone time she really just wants to be with her son, Bear.

She is thinking about the romantic story off how she and Finn met and thinking that he life has never been so full and that Bear and her husband Finn are her life now.

However, when she gets back to the hotel she is stunned to realise that Finn and Bear aren’t there and all of their things have gone. After phoning Finn’s phone and finding it has been disconnected she eventually realises that her husband has abducted her son.

As the FBI gets involved Violet increasingly leans on those around her, including her formed neighbour Caitlin and her husband George. Caitlin has been friends with Finn for years and she is just as stunned as Violet.

However, when Caitlin returns home from work one day to find Finn and Bear stood in her kitchen her loyalties are tested. When Finn threatens her family Caitlin finds herself torn between what she knows is right and what she hopes will stop her life imploding like Violet’s.

This book deals with a lot of secrets and lies, most of which are completely avoidable.

In fairness, I guess the fact that the characters annoyed me is a good thing because at least I felt something towards them.

The main message of this book is that nothing is as it seems and that even seemingly perfect couples can have massive cracks beneath the surface.



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