Sea: The Huntress Trilogy

Sea: The Huntress Trilogy


Fearless Mouse has looked after her younger brother, Sparrow since their Ma died when Sparrow was just a baby. Her destiny is to captain her family ship one day but until then she has to combat the dangerous Terrodyls and deal with worried over her missing father. In the mean time her whole Tribe is worrying about the ice encroaching on the seas and why the Terrodyl's are not nesting when they should be.

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This book definitely had echoes of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials books. In particular, in terms of the strong female protagonist Mouse. Mouse reminds me very much of Lyra, especially the frequency with which she says ‘ent.’

12 year old Mouse is a likeable character, fierce and strong. She is frequently misunderstood throughout the book and underestimated at almost every turn but she knows what she is capable of. However, she also has a softer and more vulnerable side to her that she keeps hidden away. Her family are highly important to her and her most prized possession is her mother’s dragonfly brooch.

The book has beautiful pictures scattered throughout it, they compliment the story in every way.

The book begins with a Terrodyl attack on her family ship The Huntress. Terrodyls are terrifying winged beasts that attack from above and killed her grandfather a few years before leaving her ferocious grandmother to captain the ship in his stead.

When Mouse learns of the threat she immediately runs above decks and ignoring the concerns of everyone around her brings down a Terrodyl using her bow and arrow. At the sound of the Terrodyls cries Mouse’s bones turn to water but she runs up on deck regardless.

Every action of Mouse’s is driven by the idea of destiny and her belief that she is destined to be captain of the ship one day.

“In the sky, the great green fire spirits dance and ripple, stretching far away into the distance. Grandma says their pictures are gifts to show us what will come and what has been. She says they showed our Tribe that I’d be a captain, before I was even born.”

Sparrow, Mouse’s younger brother is allowed on deck during the attacks much to her annoyance. He is only 8 and it is her job to protect him because she promised her mother before she died. Sparrow has the gift of whale song, a gift that is crucial during Terrodyl attacks. It is a gift given to him by the gods of the sea, the whales and it is a sound the Terrodyl’s hate.

“Suddenly I spot a wisp of whale-song coiling up from the sea…a whale has come! The whales voice joins Sparrow’s and it’s the strangest thing, but spooky – beautiful.”

Mouse, on the other hand, has the gift of ‘beast chatter’ and is able to understand what creatures are thinking and to communicate with them in a way they can understand.

Mouse is excited about her upcoming 13th birthday and gaining her own traditional sea-hawk. The occasion is overshadowed though by her dad being missing the and appearance of a former Tribe member called Stag who Mouse finds suspicious from the start.

When Sparrow begins to suffer from fits Mouse and her grandma become increasingly concerned for him and Stag becomes vocal in his belief that he is a deadweight on the ship.

When Sparrow disappears, Mouse knows that she must find him whatever the cost.

I love this book even though it is meant for people much younger than me. It was a brilliant story and a great read full of adventure and fantasy.



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