save aether (the trinity key trilogy book 3)

save aether (the trinity key trilogy book 3)


Julia never had a real family until meeting Theo and Valera. Now that they are united by the Trinity Key, they are plagued by nightmares. Danu, the goddess of Aether, is in agony and calls out to them to free her.

However, the Elders who rule Aether don't want to give up their power and warn the girls to stay away from Danu's tomb. Julia must decide whether to trust the Elders or to follow her instincts and unleash Danu upon the world.

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Since uniting the Trinity Key Valera in part two of this trilogy Escape Aether, Theo and Julia are more like sisters than friends and their bond is going to be more important than ever with what they have to face. Since reuniting the key the girls have been experiencing vivid dreams and daydreams about the Goddess Danu, dreams in which Danu is trapped and calling out for their help.

The girls want to help her but the Elders are unconvinced so the girls need to decide whether to obey their wishes or to rescue Danu from her tomb.

The book begins with Julia and the other girls standing in front of the Elders tribunal whilst their punishment for uniting the key is being discussed. Julia is finding the questioning tiresome and is struggling to keep her temper under control. “Not to mention, technically speaking, that the Trinity Key belonged to the girls by right of birth. They were the direct descendants of Danu after all. However, the almighty Elders disagreed – strongly.”

During the tribunal there is a disagreement among the elders as to what should happen to the girls and some of the members overthrow Parmelia as the leader and proceed to lock the girls up. The girls are allowed to speak briefly with Marjorie and Victoria. Victoria and Valera argue and Victoria tells her she will leave her to rot with the others.

Each of the girls has grown and changed since the first book ‘Into Aether.’ Theo has learnt the truth of her family history, Valera is no longer as restricted by the views of her overbearing mother, and Julia has softened around the edges a bit but still retains her rebellious streak. “Julia smiled. He was right – she was dangerous, impudent and wild. In fact, she prided herself on those very characteristics.”

Through Parmelia we learn that Lazarus, Julia’s father, wasn’t always an uncaring tyrant. When she was first born he adored her but then he became obsessed with the idea of obtaining the power of the Trinity Key. In his obsession he killed Julia’s mother and threw the elders out of Subterria, this led Parmelia to believe that Julia had died along with her mother.

One of the things I enjoyed about this book is that the reader gets to know more about Aether, the way it feels to each of the girls, and the way it affects each of them. This is shown in particular when the new leaders of the city start to test the girls’ powers in the hope that they will be able to free Danu. The White Robes call themselves ‘the True Followers of Danu.’

Dr Lawless is in charge of testing the girls’ powers and is clearly interested in anything to do with Danu and the powers that the girls now have. “He wasn’t a typical White Robe. He wore a lab coat instead of the robes, and his greying hair stuck out in all directions.”

The girls agree to participate in his experiments as they think they might be able to find Danu’s tomb with his help despite being unsure whether he can be trusted or not. They also chose to ignore some of his odd behaviours when talking about Danu, “His eyes turned glassy as if he were in a faraway place, and he bit his bottom lip. His change in demeanour creeped Theo out, but he recovered quickly and seemed to brush away whatever dream he fell into she figured he was just eccentric.”

The girls learn that,” the True Followers believe Danu’s spirit can be released giving them power. They want to use you. The Elders maintained their rule by withholding the truth from people. They want to stop you from fulfilling your destiny. However, I and a few of my colleagues want to learn from you and help you.”

Parmelia sends a 19 year old boy called Eli to keep watch over Julia much to her disgust and frustration. Eli is very handsome but he is also stubborn and arrogant, the perfect match for Julia?

I had a lot of questions during the course of the book: Will Julia find romance with him or will her jealousy and her inability to let people in ruin any potential there might have been? Has Gideon survived the wounds inflicted on him by Marcus? Will Victor ever forgive Theo? And finally, can and should the girls unleash Danu or should they heed the warning of the Elders?

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