Kate first met Gabe when she was a young child and the two became best friends. Now the pair are teenagers and habe begun to develop feelings for one another.

There is just one problem. Kate suspects Gabe and the rest of the Blake family are hiding something. Not only that but her mother and the Blake family seem to be conspiring to keep them apart.

Will Kate and Gabe ever get to be together.

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I received Updrift in a book crate earlier in the year and have been looking forward to reading it since but I was a bit disappointed when I finally got around to it. It was ok but the romance was nothing special and the main drama in it was just a bit creepy.

Kate and her mother Cara moved to Griffins Bay when she was a young child still reeling from the death of her dad.  

She and her mother are on a pleasure cruiser when falls overboard whilst looking at a boy swimming in the ocean. By the time her mother catches up with her, frantic with worry, Kate has made a new friend, Gabe. On the beach they both become acquainted with the Blake family.

Over the years, Gabe and Kate begin to develop feelings for one another but their family are concerned about the developing relationship and do everything they can to keep them apart.

Cara meets the man of her dreams at the Blake’s house under mysterious circumstances and before long they are married and expecting a child. Kate should be happy for them but she knows something is being kept from her.

Gabe is sent away to school and Kate is encouraged to spend every waking moment pursuing a career in culinary journalism. Despite her busy schedule Kate still find herself thinking of Gave and wondering what secret is keeping them apart.

Their relationship had echoes of Bella and Edward’s relationship in Twilight but without the spark which makes you care what happens to them.

I finished the book only because I don’t like to leave books unfinished if I can help it and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t missing out.

There was no one character that stood out for me in the book and I am finding it hard to muster enthusiasm for reading the sequel.

I was looking forward to reading a book about mermaids/sirens but I was sorely disappointed. I thought the use of the sirens powers was a bit disturbing and not really romantic at all. I disliked the way they could alter their companion’s mood as well.

I did like the use of rules to explain aspects of the siren community and the things they do to keep themselves hidden from the humans but other than that I can’t say there was an aspect of the book I found enjoyable.

I really wanted to like this book but I just didn’t.

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