Daughter Of The Pirate King

Daughter Of The Pirate King


Alosa is the daughter of the infamous Pirate King so she finds it very hard to let herself be deliberately captured as part of a plan to steal a treasure map for her father.

Alosa has no trouble convincing her captors she is a weak female, all except for the handsome first mate.Will Alosa be able to convince him and steal the map or will she face the wrath of her father?

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I first came across Daughter Of The Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller in a book crate last year. Many of the books I have received in these crates were not my kind of book, so I was pleased when this one turned out to be highly readable.

When we first meet Alosa she is disguised as a man and awaiting the capture of her ship by a notorious bunch of pirates. Some seeing the enemy approaching decide to throw themselves overboard.

“Deserters. They’re the most cowardly filth. They deserve whatever fate comes to them. Whether they tire and drown or get claimed by the sea life.”

Alosa is the captain of the ship but she only has three members of her own crew with her. The rest of the crew are stooges placed by her father, expendable men he wants rid of from his own crews and therefore men he is happy to let die.

Alosa trusts the three members of her own crew absolutely and when the ship is captured she ensures her crews safety before she agrees to go with her kidnappers without a fight.

Mandsy, is one of her crew members and her first mate. She is normally the voice of reason for Alosa and without her Alosa knows she needs to remind herself of her mission and the fact that she is meant to appear weak to her captors.

She needs to make them think she is an unwilling captive when in fact she has a motive of her own for being on the ship.

The captain of the enemy ship Draxen is someone she immediately despises but she has no problem tricking him. His brother and first mate Riden is not so easy to figure out and more than once she thinks he is on to her.

During her time on the ship we learn that Alosa has a complicated relationship with her father and that being the daughter of the pirate king is not always easy.

“Each pirate has their vice. For some it is drinking, for others it’s gambling, for those like Sheck, it is deriving false pleasure from a struggling woman.

But Ulgin, - his is seeing pain in others.”

Alosa finds herself contemplating that she would never have people like that in her own crew and in that way she differs from her father.

“I have no such creatures within my own crew. I value other traits above an affinity for torture and power over those weaker than oneself. I value brilliant minds, honest souls, and those with long endurance. I forge relationships based on trust and mutual respect not fear and control.

Empathy for human life is something my father tried to beat out of me. He thinks he succeeded. Most people do.”

Alosa needs to fool everyone on board in order to accomplish her task but is Riden one of the few people she cannot fool.

I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in a few hours, an entertaining read.

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