An Ocean of Minutes

An Ocean of Minutes


It is the 1980's and Polly and Frank are a young couple in love. Then a deadly virus strikes and Polly is left caring for Frank. The only way to ensure he doesn't die is for Polly to travel into the future to 1993 in order to gain life saving treatment for him.

They arrange a meeting time and place but something goes awry and Polly is late. When she arrives she is alone and she must head out into the new world alone to try and find the man she loves.

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An Ocean of Minutes by Thea Lim is about a young couple named Polly and Frank. It is the 1980’s and a deadly flu has struck the population. Frank has contracted it and the only way Polly can save him is to travel into the future in exchange for his life saving treatment.

Neither of them can contemplate life without the other so they make a plan to meet up in the future but when something goes wrong and she ends up alone Polly ventures out to find Frank.

The first line of the book pulls the reader straight in: people wishing to time travel go to Houston Intercontinental Airport.

Frank doesn’t want Polly to go to the future, but Polly is adamant because it is the only way to get him the treatment he needs. Both of them are secretly worried that she will be rerouted to a different time, so they make a plan in case something goes wrong and one of them can’t make it. They arrange to meet the first Saturday in September, they’d go to the Flagship hotel in Galveston, until they found one another.

Frank will be fourty when they see each other again but she hopes that they will still be able to do all the things they planned together and to have the baby she longs for.

Whilst waiting to travel Polly suddenly begins to panic about the plan they have made to meet.

“Their Saturdays in September idea is suddenly sickening. It is like a plan a mother would make to keep from losing her children in a subway. It’s a plan able to withstand early – closing doors and a snarl of stairways, not the ocean of minutes that twelve years holds."

When Polly gets to the future they have sent her to the wrong year and Frank is nowhere to be seen. Polly is determined to get to him despite the obstacles this unfamiliar world sends her way.

An Ocean of Minutes had a lot of competition because science fiction is one of my favourite genres. I would say it was readable but not memorable and in the end it left me disappointed. The idea was one that warranted more investigation but there was nothing to capture my attention.

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