Her Name Was Rose

Her Name Was Rose


When Emily witnesses a young mother get ploughed into by a car she doesn't realise quite what an impact it will have on her own life.

Rose had everything Emily could want: the perfect home, a loving husband and a baby. Not to mention a lovely home and brilliant job.

Emily finds herself wondering if she could take her place but is anyone's life as perfect as it seems?

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Her Name Was Rose by Claire Allan was a gripping read but a bit too predictable for me. I enjoyed reading it, but I can’t imagine it will stick in my mind for much longer than it takes me to write this review.

Her Name Was Rose begins with a rather shocking description of a hit and run. Emily is witness and feels guilty because she let the young mother step out of the lift before her. Now the young mother is dead leaving behind her little boy and Emily can’t help but think that she should have been the one to die.

Emily’s own life has hit rock bottom and when she looks up the victim of the hit and run she can’t help but feel jealous. Rose Grahame had it all. She had a beautiful house where she lived her with her author husband Cian and their son Jack. Her Facebook was full of posts about her wonderful life and the friends she had at her job as a dentist’s receptionist.

Emily can’t help but feel jealous of the dead woman and her perfect life, so when the opportunity arises for her to insinuate herself into Rose’s former life she can’t stop herself from jumping at the chance but was Rose’s life as perfect as it seemed?

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller that you don’t have to put much effort into reading, then Her Name Was Rose is the ideal read for you.

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