Feed Your Baby and Toddler Right

Feed Your Baby and Toddler Right


This book focuses on the eating and drinking skills we develop during the first two years of our life and provides useful techniques for developing these skills.

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Feed Your Baby & Toddler Right: Early Eating and Drinking Skills Encourage the Best Development by Diane Bahr is an informative and useful guide.

The author has been a speech and language therapist for around 40 years and has collected a wealth of knowledge to help both professionals and parents with some common problems around eating and drinking. She believes most common problems could be avoided with more information and training in feeding and mouth and airway development.

With this book she has two aims to develop:

  1. “Good mouth and airway structures that support overall health
  2. Appropriate eating and drinking skills throughout life.”

The book contains developmental checklists with tick boxes and is broken down into sections according to the babies age. It also has handy pictures and diagrams to help illustrate certain key points.

Diane Bahr has set the book out in manageable sections based on certain key things and based on what she feels is the most useful research.

There are also sections featuring help for some common problems.

I think this would be a useful book for both professionals and parents of babies and toddlers.

My only issue with this book is that the author comes across as very judgemental when she talks about mothers who bottle feed over breastfeeding.

“Unfortunately, many families are encouraged to bottle-feed their babies, particularly if the baby does not immediately breastfeed at birth. Bottle-feeding is an unnatural, medical way of feeding a baby. It’s a very different process from breastfeeding.”


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