Goodnight Mr Tom

Goodnight Mr Tom


Young Willie Beech is evacuated to the country as Britain stands on the brink of the Second World War. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of old Tom Oakley - but his new-found happiness is shattered by a summons from his mother back in London . . .

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This 40th Anniversary edition adds to the magic of the timeless classic. It was interesting reading about the origins of the story and also the short story. 

I am not keen on reading books after I have seen the film but in this case I loved the book even more than I love the film. 

Goodnight Mr Tom is the story of two outsiders who come together to help each other heal. 

I think most people know the plot of the book, even if they just know it from the feel, 

I absolutely loved this book but it did make me cry several times and I found the scenes with his mother much harder to read since becoming a mother myself. 

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