The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star


Being the only mortal in a world of magical elves isn’t easy for Chrissy Star, especially at Christmas time. Feeling as if she’s in the way, she escapes Christmas Town and her duties as CFO for a week long vacation on a Greece isle. If she could have her Christmas wish, she’d meet a man who would not only heat up her love life, but understand her unusual family.

Nick Christopoulus has met Chrissy before, but a lot has changed in five years. She may not remember him, but he’s never forgotten her. He wants more than just a holiday fling. When she leaves after a hot night of magical sex, he’s determined to track her down.

But how can Nick, a non-believer, find a magical place called Christmas Town?

Our Review

I chose this book because I wanted a book that would leave me in a festive mood and would be an easy read. I cannot describe how poor this book was, if I hadn’t received this copy for review then I wouldn’t have finished reading it.

This book was just utter cheese and I cannot think of one redeeming feature. The characters names made me cringe, names like ‘Christmas Star’ and ‘Jackson Frost’.

Christmas Star, otherwise known as ‘Chrissy’, decides to escape the family business for a week on a Greek Island. Whilst in the hotel she bumps into someone she had met previously in a meeting but she doesn’t recognise him as he has lost a lot of weight. “The Nick she’d met had been at least fifty pounds heavier, and a complete nerd.”

Nick and Chrissy have an instant attraction this time round but there is one sticking problem: he doesn’t believe in Santa and she is Santa’s daughter.

The book was filled with awful lines like “Can I lick you Candy Cane?” and “Are you asking to play Hide the Candy Cane with me?”

Some lines were so bad that they made me wince. I very rarely give a bad review but this one definitely deserved it.

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