What We’re Teaching Our Sons

What We’re Teaching Our Sons


We’re teaching our sons about money; about heartbreak, and mountains, and philosophy. We’re teaching them about the big bang and the abominable snowman and what happens when you get struck by lightning. We’re teaching them about the toughness of single mothers, and the importance of having friends who’ve known you longer than you’ve known yourself, and the difference between zombies and vampires.

We’re teaching them about sex, although everyone would be a lot happier if the subject had never come up…

Meet the married Dads, the divorced Dads, the widowed Dads and the gay Dads; the gamblers, the firemen, the bankers, the nurses, the soldiers and the milkmen. They’re trying to guide their sons through the foothills of childhood into the bewildering uplands of adulthood. But it’s hard to know if they’re doing it right.

Or what their sons’ mothers think…

Wise and funny, touching and true, What We’re Teaching Our Sons is for anyone who has ever wondered how to be a grown up.

Our Review

What We’re Teaching Our Sons by Owen Booth is one of the hardest reviews I have had to write because I just didn’t know what to write. What was its purpose? Who was its audience? Just men? Was I not part of the intended readership and is that why it made me feel nothing?

I didn’t hate What We’re Teaching Our Sons I just didn’t feel anything. It didn’t make me laugh or cry. There was no particular wisdom as far as I was concerned just musings on several different topics that began with the same (eventually slightly irritating) refrain of ‘We’re teaching our sons.’

The beginning of the book was a bit lacklustre I think because I was expecting an explanation of the point of the collection.

Some of the topics caught my attention in passing but failed to hold me. At best this is a book to dip in and out of. A shame as this was one of the books that made my list of 29 Great Books to Look Out For Autumn 2018.

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