The Christmas Sisters

The Christmas Sisters


It’s not what’s under the Christmas tree, but who’s around it that matters most.

All Suzanne McBride wants for Christmas is her three daughters happy and at home. But when sisters Posy, Hannah and Beth return to their family home in the Scottish Highlands, old tensions and buried secrets start bubbling to the surface.

Suzanne is determined to create the perfect family Christmas, but the McBrides must all face the past and address some home truths before they can celebrate together . . .

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The Christmas Sisters is a heart-warming Christmas read. It’s a little cliché at times but in a good way because in my opinion a good Christmas book should always be full of clichés.

When the McBride sisters were young their parents were killed in an avalanche of which their adopted mother Suzanne was the only survivor. The accident happened shortly before Christmas and therefore that time of year is always hard for the family, doubly so because there is an unspoken agreement to never talk about it.

The book begins with a chapter written from the point of view of Suzanne in which she is discussing the upcoming festive period with her husband Stewart. Stewart doesn’t understand why she puts so much pressure on herself about the Christmas period, but he doesn’t understand that she doesn’t find it stressful because it is the one time her family all get together.

Hannah McBride is the eldest sister and keeps everyone, even her family at a distance. She is a successful business woman and is always travelling first class somewhere and lives a champagne lifestyle. She is so busy that she doesn’t have time to see her sister Beth and her kids who also lives in Manhattan. Hannah avoided being home for Christmas last year but this year a surprise event sees her fleeing home for the festive period.

Beth McBride spends her days looking after her two girls Rosy and Melly. She feels as though she is barely managing to keep up with the childcare and the housework and in the process, she has lost herself. When an old colleague offers her job, she can’t help but consider it but when she brings it up with her husband Jason the resulting argument leads to her running off to Scotland early and leaving her husband to look after the kids.

Posy McBride lives in Scotland with her parents and helps out in the café run by her mother. She is an active member of the local mountain rescue team – something which terrifies Suzanne. When her parents, lodger offers her the chance to go with him on the trip of a lifetime will she go with him or will her sense of duty stop her.

It has been years since the sisters were all in one place together and with Suzanne out of action with the flu will the sisters be able to put aside their resentments and make Christmas as special as she hoped it would be?

If you are looking for a book to cosy up with over the festive period, The Christmas Sisters is it.




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