Here's the thing about being Inside. Ain't no one believes that they are.

Ele has never been Outside, but she knows it exists - she just has to prove it.

Her whole world is Inside. Trapped with her books and the Others and Him.

She has never seen a tree or felt the rain but that's about to change. Ele's getting out. For good.

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Outside by Sarah Ann Juckes is a book liked by many people but unfortunately, I am not one of them. With comparisons to Emma Donaghue’s Room I thought I would enjoy reading It but I gave up on it around Chapter Five.

The writing style was deliberately crafted to show a limited vocabulary from a teenage girl who had spent much of her life captive, but it made it very difficult to read.

Ele lives Inside with the Others. She knows the Outside exists, but Jack and the others doubt her.

Ele keeps herself occupied by reading a set of fairy stories which she uses as proof that the Outside exists.

Ele has never seen the Outside but she knows it exists because that is where He comes from. He visits her every seven days and what goes on there is a story but not one that starts with ‘Once upon a time.’

From what little I read of the book I would say that this book may have triggers for those who have suffered abuse.

The narrator Ele came across as much younger than the teenager she was meant to be and whilst I am sure it was intentional, I felt it made it harder for the reader to identify her as a character.

Like I said, many people liked Outside but I am not one of them.

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