Golden State

Golden State


Welcome to Golden State, where the worst crime you can commit is to lie.

Laz Ratesic is a veteran of the State’s special police. Those in power rely on Laz to discover the full and final truth.

But when a man falls from a roof in suspicious circumstances, it sets in motion a terrifying series of events which will shatter Laz’s world for ever.

Because when those in control of the truth decide to twist it, only those with the power to ask questions can fight back.

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I chose to read Golden State because I had heard it compared to The Handmaid’s Tale which is my favourite book. Also, the dystopian genre contains some of my favourite books and I knew Golden State fell into this category.

On the other hand, some of the books I have enjoyed the least have also fit into this category and this was one of those books. I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t find anything to grasp my attention.

From the outset I was put of by the section written from the point of the view of the state. I was very dry and failed to gain my attention.

The premise of Golden State was good, but its execution was lacking largely due to a lack of an engaging protagonist.

The protagonist, Laz, is a member of the State’s special police and can sense when people are lying to him.

When a man falls from a roof Laz’s faith in the system is rocked when he begins to question whether those in charge are really telling the truth.

I know from other reviews I have read that there were people who enjoyed this book, but I couldn’t make it past about 5% of the book.

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