Speak Up!

Speak Up!


Use your voice to change the world!

Don’t just read about inspiring women: become one!

Launching in time for International Women’s Day 2019 – Speak Up! is the must-have empowering book to inspire a whole new generation of rebel girls.

Speaking up can be difficult, but did you know just how powerful your own voice can be?

Written by Laura Coryton, who led the international campaign against tampon tax, Speak Up! is a vital and timely book exploring what it means to stand up for what you believe in on both a public and personal level. Laura explores how to make sure your voice is heard as well as what happens when your voice is challenged by others. She tackles tricky subjects like feminism, consent, online bullying and self-confidence in a meaningful but accessible and entertaining way.

With a positive message about friendship, female empowerment and standing up for who you are, this is the perfect gift for girls aged 12+. Inspiring, warm and honest, this conversational and big-sisterly guide is the must-have girl power book of 2019.

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Speak Up! By Laura Coryton is the antidote to claims that young people aren’t interested in politics or to the idea that young people are too young to bring about any kind of change.

It is written in a simple and easy to read format with clear headings helping the reader to understand step by step how they can create their own campaign.

Speak Up! Is worth reading just for her own story of how she brought about the end of the tampon tax.

As well as the information on this campaign, the author also included information on topics such as how to handle trolls, sexual assault and consent.

I like that this book promotes independence and the idea that if you are passionate enough about changing something you can create the change you want.

Speak Up! Is an idle book for teens and young adults.

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