The Chimes

The Chimes


The Chimes: A Goblin Story of Some Bells that Rang an Old Year Out and a New Year In, a short novel by Charles Dickens, was written and published in 1844, one year after A Christmas Carol. It is the second in his series of "Christmas books": five short books with strong social and moral messages that he published during the 1840's.

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I have always liked Charles Dickens so when I found a beautiful little edition of The Chimes in a book shop in Newark, I decided to buy it. The copy of the chimes wasn’t the one pictured here. It had a picture of a beautiful church on it.

Sadly, this was a case of Not Judging a book by its cover. The Chimes started off well but after a short time it became very difficult to concentrate on because there was a lot of rambling in between the actual story.

Part of the problem was that my reading environment wasn’t ideal for this kind of a book, it was noisy and there was a lot going on. If it had been an enjoyable book though I would have been able to block all of this out.

There were elements of it that almost enticed me to keep going. One such element was the following description:

“For the night-wind has a dismal trick of wandering round a building of that sort, and moaning as it goes; and of trying, with its unseen hand, the windows and the doors; and seeking out some crevices by which to enter.”

The Chimes may well be an excellent book, but I feel like there is a reason I had never heard of it before.

I did not finish it.

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