Then She Vanishes

Then She Vanishes


Everything changed the night Flora disappeared.

Heather and Jess were best friends - until the night Heather's sister vanished.

Jess has never forgiven herself for the lie she told that night. Nor has Heather.

But now Heather is accused of an awful crime.

And Jess is forced to return to the sleepy seaside town where they grew up, to ask the question she's avoided for so long:

What really happened the night Flora disappeared?

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For me Claire Douglas is fast becoming one of those authors who can do no wrong. I loved Last Seen Alive, Local Girl Missing and Do Not Disturb so for me choosing to read Then She Vanishes was easy.

Jess is a disgraced former Daily newspaper journalist being given a second chance by a small Bi-Weekly newspaper. When news of a double murder in her hometown comes in Jess knows this could be her chance at redemption.

The victims were Clive Wilson aged 58 and his mother Deidre ages 76. The suspected shooter turns out to be a 32-year-old woman named Heather, Jess’ childhood best friend. Heather is in hospital in a coma after shooting herself.

Jess begins to question where her priorities lie should she use her history with the family to further her career or should her loyalties lie with Heather and her mother Margot who Jess once saw as her ideal of what a mother should be.

Then She Vanishes has the best beginning to a book I have read in a long time.

“I feel calm as I watch the sun rise behind the row of icecream-coloured houses. Not as I imagined a person would feel who is about to commit murder now, in this moment, I’m overcome, with a kind of peace. As though everything that has happened in my life has led to this point. “

There was so much detail in this book that made it easy for the reader to imagine themselves there along with the central characters.

Then She Vanishes was an amazing book with a lot of brilliant twists, a prime example of the best of the genre. It wasn't that I couldn't put it down it was that I didn't want to. 


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