Kingdom of Souls

Kingdom of Souls



Arrah is a young woman from a long line of the most powerful witch doctors in the land. But she fails at magic, fails to call upon the ancestors and can't even cast the simplest curse.

Shame and disappointment dog her.

When strange premonitions befall her family and children in the kingdom begin to disappear, Arrah undergoes the dangerous and scorned process of selling years of her life for magic. This borrowed power reveals a nightmarish betrayal and a danger beyond what she could have imagined. Now Arrah must find a way to master magic, or at least buy it, in order to save herself and everything she holds dear.

An explosive fantasy set in a world of magic and legend with a twist you will never see coming.

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It took me a long time to read this book, much longer than it should have considering the style of the book. The book itself was not a problem, the problem was the lack of time I had for reading. The disjointed nature of my reading meant that I struggled at times to get back into the book.

Arrah lives in a land where magic exists in abundance but despite being related to two of the most powerful witchdoctors in the land Arrah is yet to come into her own magic.

Each year she makes the trip to have her magic tested and each year she fails despite being able to feel the magic in the air all around her. Her father is nothing but loving and supportive whereas her mother makes her disappointment clear.

Arrah has always looked down on those who sell their years for magic but when children start to disappear Arrah sees it may be the only option she has. What the magic reveals will shake everything she believes in.

The author introduces a lot of characters into the mix in various guises which made the story quite difficult to keep track of at times.

I liked the Gods and Demons aspect of the book and that made it a bit more unique as did the tribal aspect.

There were a lot of things to recommend in this book, but I really don’t want to give away any of the major plot twists so suffice to say I was never bored.

It wont be for everyone and even though I loved it there were times I became bored and wanted it to finish.

Fans of Children of Blood and Bone should check this out.

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