The Age of Witches

The Age of Witches


In 1692, Bridget Bishop was hanged as a witch. Two hundred years later, her legacy lives on in the scions of two very different lines: one dedicated to using their powers to heal and help women in need; the other, determined to grasp power for themselves.

This clash will play out in the fate of Annis, a young woman in Gilded Age New York who finds herself a pawn in the family struggle for supremacy. She'll need to claim her own power to save herself - and resist succumbing to the darkness that threatens to overcome them all.

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The Age of Wtches was a slow burner but once it got going I didn't want to put it down. I love books about witches so it was always a safe bet that I would enjoy this one. 

Harriet Bishop comes from a long line of witches, she is a herbal practioner who uses her skills to help those in need. Her cousin Frances prefers the darker side of magic and this has lead to a rift between the two women. 

Frances has used her skills to get herself a rich husband and a nice house but she is not content to stop at that. Frances wants to be part of the elite and to that she is willing to do anything, even use magic to force her stepdaughter Annis into marriage. 

Harriet learns of her plan and shows Annis how to tap into her own powers to try and defeat Frances before it is too late.

An enjoyable read.

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