Eat to Beat Disease

Eat to Beat Disease


We are at a turning point in our understanding of how to prevent and fight disease. Rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity and other common health problems are skyrocketing. However, the latest scientific research and clinical evidence is revealing that the power to protect ourselves against these threats and resist them lies in a simple solution: the foods we eat everyday.

In Eat to Beat Disease, Dr William Li explains that your body was designed to fight threats like these and we have radically underestimated how food can be used to amplify this hidden power. Your body has five natural defence systems that, if functioning well, can protect you: angiogenesis (growing new blood vessels), cell regeneration, the microbiome, DNA protection and immunity. The healthy working of each has been found to be intimately connected to the foods we eat – and the findings are sometimes surprising. Discover:

· Why scientists think drinking hot cocoa boosts stem cells crucial for your body's regeneration

· The role of cheese and wine in maintaining healthy gut bacteria

· Why drinking coffee lowers your risk of dying

Revealing more than 200 foods that you can incorporate into your life today to help you live longer, Dr William Li proposes a simple 5 x 5 x 5 framework, inviting you to choose five foods and eat them five times a day, to fortify your five defence systems. It is not about dieting or cutting out – it is about having the confidence to incorporate the healthy foods you already love into a plan for life-long change. It could save your life.

Our Review

Eat to Beat Disease is a thoroughly researched book written by someone who is clearly passionate about the subject. It can be dry at times early on because of the sheer amount of research but it is worth powering through.

Eat to Beat Disease is not a dieting book; it isn’t about losing weight. However, it is about making informed choices to help combat diseases linked to diet. It is about including not excluding foods.

“We are truly at a turning point in the fight against disease. Each of us has the opportunity to take charge of our lives using food to transform our health. You can make decisions about what to eat based on scientific evidence gleaned from testing food with the same systems and methods that have been used to discover and develop drugs. The data generated when we study food like medicine clearly shows that food can influence our own health in specific and beneficial ways.”

Eat to Beat Disease has a lot of information about which foods have been shown to have a link with preventing certain conditions. One of the most beneficial things about the book is its handy table of foods which shows the food alongside the conditions it is said to prevent.

Eat to Beat Disease promotes the use of food as a preventative tool to use rather than a cure against disease.

“Drug treatments alone cannot keep us healthy. The question then becomes, how can we do a better job at preventing disease, before we have to cure it? One modern answer. Food.”

I thought the author made a convincing argument and I will be trying this approach.

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