The Good Bear

The Good Bear


It’s the Christmas holidays and Thea is looking forward to spending them with her father. She can tell him all about her plans to become a writer, and maybe he’ll buy her the typewriter she’s been dreaming of.

But when Thea arrives in Norway, everything feels … wrong. Her father is as distant as ever and now she has to share him with his new family: his girlfriend Inge and her children.Then Thea makes a surprise discovery. Deep in the snowy woods by the house, is a bear. He’s scared and hungry and he desperately needs Thea’s help.

When the town hears about a bear living in the woods, Bear’s life is in even greater danger. Thea needs to show everyone that he’s not dangerous - he’s a Good Bear - if she’s to save him.

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The Good Bear is a heart-warming and magical tale.

Thea is desperate for a new typewriter so she can become the great writer she longs to be. Even more than she wants to become a writer Thea long to reconnect with her dad.

Henry lives in Norway with his new family and his attention has been sporadic at best. This year Thea is going to spend Christmas with Henry and his new family and she can’t wait to spend time with her dad.

From the beginning things don’t exactly go to plan and Thea ends up feeling more lost and isolated than ever. Then deep in the woods Thea comes across a bear and begins to bond with him.

This sweet Christmas tale is one to treasure and an absolute delight to read. I can’t wait to buy it for my son and my nieces and nephews. What a magical little tale.

The Good Bear is definitely a wintry weather book, one to curl up with and read in one sitting.

This book is about finding a place to belong and becoming comfortable in your own skin.

The Good Bear highlights the very real dangers that humans can pose to bears and the reasons why bears are sometimes aggressive to humans.

The main thing this book does is make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

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