Peter Pan

Peter Pan


Fly across the sky with Peter and Wendy

One starry night, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lead the three Darling children over the rooftops of London and away to Neverland - the island where lost boys play, mermaids splash and fairies make mischief. But a villainous-looking gang of pirates lurk in the docks, led by the terrifying Captain James Hook. Magic and excitement are in the air, but if Captain Hook has his way, before long, someone will be walking the plank and swimming with the crocodiles...

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Having read Peter Pan for the first time as an adult I can see why it is a children’s classic. My problem is that I was introduced first to it as a Disney film and because of this the book felt like it had something missing.

It was more mournful than I expected it to be and also much more difficult to read.

“All children, except one grow up.”

Peter Pan as a character was much more irritating, precocious and selfish than I thought he would be. I almost didn’t finish this book because it was too much.

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