Highway Blue

Highway Blue


Anne Marie is adrift San Padua, living a precarious life of shift-work and shared apartments. Her husband Cal left her on their first anniversary and two years later, she can't move on.

When he shows up suddenly on her doorstep, clearly in some kind of trouble, she reluctantly agrees to a drink. But later that night a gun goes off in an alley near the shore and the young couple flee together, crammed into a beat up car with their broken past. Their ill-at-ease odyssey takes them across a shimmering American landscape and through the darker seams of the country, towards a city that may or may not represent salvation.

Highway Blue is a story of being lost and found; of love, in all its forms; and of how the pursuit of love is, in its turn, a kind of redemption.

In front of me the long length of the road wound out, wound out and wound on under hot sky. And I drove...

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Highway Blue is well-written and entertaining. Its a quick read but no less compelling for it. 

Highway Blue is a story of love lost and an examiniation into whether you can ever go back to the beginining in a relationship. 

Anne-Marie is a dog walker by day and bar worker by night. She lives with a group of other women who are not her friends, they are just people she lives with. Anne-Marie's life has been in a kind of stasis since her husband of a year, Cal left her two years earlier. 

Then Cal turns up. He's in trouble and needs her help. A incident with a gun occurs down an alley and the couple go on the run together. 

It soon becomes clear to the reader and Anne-Marie that the signs were always there, she was always going to be the one being left behind. 

"Cal was always shifiting, that was how he was. Shifting ideas, shifting plans, always going somewhere, always something on his mind, the next thing." 

This book is worth reading for the poetic prose alone. 


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