The Girl on the Platform

The Girl on the Platform


Bridget is on her way home from her job in London when she witnesses a kidnapping on a station platform.

Bridget is distraught at what she has witnessed but she is hardly a credible witness and so nobody believes her.

Bridget knows she is the only one who can find the girl and she must do whatever it takes to solve the mystery even if it means putting herself in danger.

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The Girl on the Platform is quite a hard book for me to review. On the one hand I guessed fairly early on where the book was headed. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

It was compulsively readable, and I found myself reading it any moment I could snatch.

Bridget is an exhausted new mum travelling home on her daily commute when she sees a young girl kidnapped from a station platform.

None of the other passengers see anything and the police are dubious at best.

Bridget can’t let it go though and as her search becomes increasingly obsessive even the reader begins to doubt if she actually saw anything.

“My eyes blur.

A white van is parked by the platform, no markings, the paintwork a flag against the darkness from a weathered concrete post, a single light glows, illuminating a little girl. She sits on a case outside the shuttered coffee booth, kicking her heels against the leather. She can’t be more than six. Where’s her mum?...

I blink. And then men are there, two of them. They lift the squirming girl to her feet, haul her towards the van.”

The tension builds and builds throughout the book and I almost wanted to skip ahead because the waiting for the ending was unbearable.

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Our Rating

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