Many Different Kinds of Love

Many Different Kinds of Love


In March 2020, Michael Rosen became unwell. Soon he was struggling to breathe, and he was admitted to hospital with coronavirus. What followed was months on the wards: a month in an induced coma, and weeks of rehab and recovery as the NHS saved his life, and then got him back on his feet. Throughout it all, a diary was kept at the end of Michael's bed, where his nurses wrote him letters of hope and support. And as soon as he was awake, he was ready to start writing his own story.

Combining stunning new prose poems by one of Britain's best loved poets and the moving coronavirus diaries of his nurses, and featuring original illustrations by Chris Riddell, this is a beautiful book about love, life and the NHS that celebrates the power of community and the indomitable spirits of the people who keep us well.

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Many Different Kinds of Love is an honest and emotive account of having covid early in the pandemic. It is also an insight into the kind of people who chose to dedicate their time to looking afrer people with Covid even if there usual job was somewhat different. 

I liked how open and honest the author was with regard to sharing his anger and frustrations and setbacks. 

It was a refreshing read despite still being in the midst of the pandemic and the author clearly has great strength. 


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