The Reading List

The Reading List


When Aleisha discovers a crumpled reading list tucked into a tattered library book, it sparks an extraordinary journey.

From timeless stories of love and friendship to an epic journey across the Pacific Ocean with a boy and a tiger in a boat, the list opens a gateway to new and wonderful worlds – just when Aleisha needs an escape from her troubles at home.

And when widower Mukesh arrives at the library, desperate to connect with his bookworm granddaughter, Aleisha introduces him to the magic of the reading list. An anxious teenager and a lonely grandfather forming an unlikely book club of two.

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The Reading List is an endearing book about the power of books to change lives. It had me in floods of tears at times but mostly it was a heart-warming testament to the transformative power of reading.

The Reading List is a love letter to libraries designed to remind the reader of the importance of libraries for local communities.

Throughout the book several characters find a mystery reading list titled ‘In case you need it’

The reading list in question comprised of the following books:

. To Kill a Mockingbird

.  Rebecca

. Kite Runner

.  Life of Pi

. Pride and Prejudice

.  Little Women

. Beloved

. A Suitable Boy

I would recommend The Reading List to anyone in a reading slump or who enjoys reading books about the joys of reading.

The characters are endearing and the relationship between Mukesh and Aleisha is sweet and believable. They, and the list, come into each other’s lives when it is most needed.

Aleisha works in the library as a part time job to escape home and the effects of her mum’s poor mental health. She doesn’t understand the joy of reading and the job is just a means to an end.

Mukesh is still reeling from the death of his wife and venturing into the library is a big deal to him. He has never read widely, and he just wants a recommendation, but Aleisha is rude to him.

Later Aleisha discovers the list and decides to make amends she will recommend the books to Mukesh. She realises though that she can’t recommend them if she hasn’t read them herself.

“She noticed how the book was allowing her to step into two worlds – the world she was in right now, besides her mum, in her house, the air muggy from the heat of the day – and another world.”

This book was a real feel-good read.



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