Seven friends. One killer. You can run, but you can’t hide…

The Boxing Day hike is meant to bring their nature group together.

Emily, the sister who never lets her hearing loss hold her back.

Lauren, the sister who always feels a step behind.

Morna, who doesn’t get on with Lauren.

Ben, whose feelings for Emily border on obsession.

Dan, the quiet newcomer to the group.

Kai, who isn’t just on the hike to enjoy the wildlife.

And Alec, the one who knows all their secrets.

As the sun sets, a gunshot rings out on the nature reserve.

One of the seven is dead. And one of their number killed them…

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Hide is a taut edge-of-your-seat thriller, and it was so good I could only read it when my son was asleep because once I was reading I lost myself in it.

“As I see their face turn in my direction, their eyes light on me and narrow. I feel a jolt of fear. Is this the killer? I have a horrible feeling I’m right though I don’t know why did it, or why they’re after me now. All I know is that I have to start running again.”

Lauren works at a nature reserve in Lincolnshire and along with her sister and five friends they get permission to visit the reserve on boxing day when it is usually closed to the public. The plan is to watch the starling murmuration but tensions within the group arise and before long on of their number is dead.

The thing I liked the most about Hide was that it was less about the murder and more about the interaction between the characters. It felt real and it kept me guessing right to the end.

I loved how twisty the book is and that you don’t know if one of their number Is the killer or if someone else is one the reserve and the weather and desolation of the reserve only add to the tension.

Also, its not often that I get to read books set in Lincolnshire and it always excited me when I come across one.

Hide was a solid five stars for me.



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