Set in the snowy northern forests of an imagined prehistoric world, Fireborn is the middle-grade debut of the decade. At turns exciting, funny and heart wrenchingly sad, it marks the introduction of an unstoppable new voice in children’s storytelling.

Twelve has spoken the Pledge and now she is a Huntling. She has given up her name to train in the art of fighting monsters and keeping the peace, and she won’t get to choose a new one until she has earned it.

But when the Lodge’s walls are breached for the first time, and a little girl is taken, Twelve is the only one interested in going after a child . . .

Teaming up with Dog, the Stone Guardian of the Lodge, Twelve ends up on an epic adventure that will change her life, her name – and her entire world.

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First of all, lets talk about the book itself. Its beautiful inside and out, the illustrations are magical and who doesn’t love a book map?

Fireborn by Aisling Fowler is an epic masterpiece that had me hooked from the beginning.

I pledge my life to the Hunting Lodge.

I vow to serve all seven clans as my own,

To protect them from what lies beyond.

I forsake all blood ties and blood feuds,

To offer up my name and my past.

The Hunters are my family now and always.

I swear before them that I will never lower my weapons in the face of darkness,

Nor allow tyranny to rise.

Twelve is an outsider at the Hunting Lodge. She fights too ferociously and argues too viciously. The only person who really gives her the time of day is Seven and Seven is as much of an outsider as she is.

“Sparring with Seven was worse than practicing with a straw dummy. Her attention span was shorter than a sparrow’s and her skills with any weapon were doubtful at best.”

Seven reminds twelve of someone from her past, someone whose memory is painful for her to contemplate. Seven’s only redeeming feature for Twelve is that she gave her Widge, her pet squirrel.

Then the walls are breached and Seven is taken. Against her own instinct Twelve finds herself setting off to look for her.

Fireborn is an excellent book and I couldn’t put it down.


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