Sister's of Shadow

Sister's of Shadow


Anne of Green Gables meets Diana Wynne Jones in this whimsical fantasy adventure perfect for teen readers.

I don’t know who you are, or why you need me, but you hurt her again and I will make you pay…

Alice has lived in the forest on the fringes of Alder Vale ever since her parents abandoned her. Alone, exiled, and feared by all. All except Lily.

Nature has always been Lily’s tonic, and she never feels more alive than when she’s amidst the trees. It was Alice who first called them the sisters of shadow, Lily the sunshine to her moonlight, for neither can exist without the other.

But something is stirring beyond the mountains. Whispers of spectres stalking the moors, women of unfathomable power luring children into a cult that has haunted local lore for a generation.

When Alice disappears, Lily knows she must rescue her or risk losing her forever.

Because the rumours were true all along…




Our Review

Sisters of Shadow by Katherine Livesay is an enjoyable read about true friendship.

“Nobody really noticed when Alice Blackwell disappeared. The ‘witch-girl’, as the village folk came to know her, lived alone in a hut nestled amidst tall ferns and ancient oaks in the mountains that surrounded Alder Vale.”

Alice and Lily have been friends for as long as they can remember. They are complete opposites, but neither can imagine being separated until the day Lily discovers Alice has disappeared.

“Almost everything about the two girls was different. They should never have got along. Alice contrasted Lily’s light and easy manners with darkness and awkwardness.”

Alice’s family had loved and cherished her until the age of six when they left on a hunting trip never to return. Alice was an unusual and introverted child, so it was easy for the locals to label her as a witch. However, despite her deepest wishes she has never possessed any magic and when a stranger offers her the chance to discover her powers she cannot resist.

Lily lives with her uncle Alf and doesn’t believe in any magic beyond that which exists in nature. She loves working in the apothecary beside him and he is the only other person in town who cares about Alice.

When Lily arrives at Alice’s hut in the woods to find her missing her uncle helps her prepare to set off on a dangerous solo rescue mission.

Lily feels out of her depth and unequal to the challenge but the strength of her friendship with Alice means she can’t leave her to her fate.

Sisters of Shadow has all the elements of a good fantasy book; a quest, true friendship and a seemingly unsurmountable evil.

I will definitely be reading Sisters of Midnight when it is published.

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