Reckless Girls

Reckless Girls


The gripping new thriller and instant New York Times bestseller, perfect for escapist reading!

The holiday of your dreams…

When Lux and Nico get the chance to sail to a remote island off the coast of Hawaii, they’re thrilled. It’s the trip they’ve been dreaming of their whole lives.

A tropical paradise…

Despite a dark history of shipwrecks and murder, the island is beautiful. But they’re not alone – another group is already there.

No one will hear your screams…

It’s not long before cracks emerge, and someone goes missing. Then a body surfaces, and Lux starts to wonder if any of them are going to make it back to shore alive…

Our Review

Reckless Girls by Rachel Hawkins will give you all the summer feels. You will be wanting to be on your own private island sipping cocktails and swimming in the sea. I'll skip the sharks, poisonous fish and murder. 

Reckless Girls is a fast-paced and fun read. It is ideal for escaping the cold and miserable winter weather and it is entertaining to boot. 

"Salt water and blood taste the same. 

She'd never thought of that until now, until she was drowning in both, blood gushing from the wound in her temple, the sea running into her mouth. 

Both are warm, tangy. 

Both threaten to consume her.

It hurts, water rushing in where there should be air

But after the pain, there's a kind of peace. Its over now. All of it

She slips under.

She doesn't come back up" 

Lux is thrilled when her boyfriend Nico is hired to take two young girls to a remote island off the coast of Hawaii and she gets to go along. Meroe island has a dark past including cannabilism and shipwrecks but none of this is evident in it's beauty. 

Lux is a likeable character, her boyfriend Nico is a grade A douche, it is obvious from the beginning that he is shady. Lux's mum died a few years earlier and she is estranged from her dad so when she met Nico she had no hesitation in following him to Hawaii. 

"I'd come to Hawaii for a guy - which I realize, sounds stupid - but I feel like any woman who'd had Nico Johannsen ask her to meet him in Maui would've bought a plane ticket on the spot."

When they met Nico and Lux had made plans to travel together but Lux is beginning to suspect that Nico would be happier staying where he is. Nico is from a rich family but refuses to take any money from them to fix his boat, he is more than happy for Lux to work as a maid in a hotel to pay to fix it. 

Amma and Brittany are the two friends who want to be taken to Meroe island, They have been travelling together for a while but tensions are mounting and they are both hoping this island will provide some much needed relaxation.  When they all get there other people are already on the island and by the end of the trip they will wish they had stayed away. 

Reckless Girls is a dark thriller with a really good twist and strong female characters. 

"The world takes a lot from us, doesn't it? Women like us. Women who don't get things handed to them. Women without a lot of options. So sometimes, you have to take back . You have to create your own options. "



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