One Foot in the Fade

One Foot in the Fade



In a city that lost its magic, an angel falls in a downtown street. His wings are feathered, whole - undeniably magical - the man clearly flew, for all that he plummeted to his downfall moments after.

The mystery will set Fetch - in his quest to bring magic back to his beloved city - on a journey involving necromancers, genies and shadowy secret societies. Fetch will search Sunder's wildest forests and dingiest dive bars for the answer, and when he finds it, nothing will ever be the same again.

A world recovers from losing its magic in this brilliantly-voiced contemporary fantasy series by Luke Arnold - perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Rotherweird or Terry Pratchett's Discworld

Fetch Phillips: Man for Hire

Bringing the magic back!

Enquire at Georgio's café . . .

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One Foot in the Fade is the third book in this phenomenal series by Luke Arnold. It follows on from The Last Smile in Sunder City and Dead Man in a Ditch. 

I love how we see a new, slightly more mature side to Fetch Phillips in this book. In One Foot in the Fade we see Fetch begin to open up a bit more and let himself have friends again. We also see him frustrated that other people seem to be content to forget that magic ever existed. 

"Sunder had once been a magical melting pot when the creatures of the world would fill its streets with their ideas, powers, cutures and cuisines, living off each other like a box full of fireworks and mousetraps. Now it was falling under the command of a company who couldn't be trusted. We'd handed over our future to a rich man with no morals, and people were too content and comfortable to see the cost." 

Fetch isn't impressed with the way things are going and the way this human run company is trying to erase all trace of magic from this once great city. Then an angel falls from the sky to his death and all hell breaks loose. 

"I wish I could tell you that the tears were for my friend. That I was heart broken by the knowledge that we would never again sit down to dinner. That his selfless heart would be forever closed to the most vulnerable members of the city, the ones most of us ignored because our attention was focused on finite and fleeting things. 

I felt all of that, but I wasn't crying for my friend. I was crying for the miracle that had sprouted from his back and the first evidence I'd seen since the Coda that the world could become whole again. 

An angel had fallen in Sunder City: bloody, broken, and the best thing to happen in seven long years."

I love how this series shows Fetch what the reader already knew, that he has and needs friends in his life. Fetch likes to punish himself for his past mistakes by being solitary and keeping people at a distance but this slowly changes in book three. 

"It was strange, after spending so much time alone, to feel so close to these people, bound together by purpose and a growing number of memories, stories and jokes that only the five of us would understand." 

One Foot in the Fade has a real saga feel to it and it works well. I loved this series and I am a bit sad that I will have to wait for book four! 

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