My Other Husband

My Other Husband


What if your murderous fantasies start to come true?

Someone is trying to frame me for murder.

They're hurting people in the ways I write about - and making sure I'm the prime suspect.

I think I know why.

But I can't tell the police or even use my rock-solid alibi . . .

Because then I'd have to confess about my other husband.

A series of terrifying murders. A set of complex lies.

And a woman with no way to clear her name.

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If I had to describe My Other Husband by Dorothy Koomson in one word it would be 'wow'. The only thing that prevented me from reading it in one sitting was a poorly child with a really high temperature! 

I always love Dorothy Koomson's books but this one was on another level. Taut, tense and incredibly crafted. 

My Other Husband begins with Cleo being cautioned for suspicion of attempted murder. A gripping start to any story.

Cleo writes a very popular murder series which has been transformed into a tv series. When people start being murdered in the style of the show Cleo is suspect number one and she can't clear her name without revealing long buried secrets from her past.

"What if my friend, at some point in the past, had gone to another country, and just, on a whim, got married? If she didn't register that marriage when she came back to England all those years ago and then got married to someone else, would it be ok or would she, potentially, be in trouble?"

My Other Husband is set across two timelines and the result is a cleverly crafted masterpiece full of suspense. It deals with the fine line between love and obsession. 

"You'll come back to me. I know you'll always come back to me."

As well as these issues My Other Husband tacklets racism and misogyny head on. Any one who follows the author's Instagram will have seen her posts on racism in the book industry and it is perhaps that which lends this aspect of the book such a strong voice. 

"We'd had near misses before because the deal always came with 'helpful' suggestions for little tweaks, such as changing the main character to a white woman or introducing a white boss or a co-worker who will eventually unravel the mystery or exploring the 'black experience' "

My Other Husband has all the hallmarks of an incredible thriller and I cannot recommend it enough.

"To have someone love you, be obsessed with you, do anything to be with you, is terrifying and dehumanising...I stopped having nuances, layers, imperfections and flaws. I became the vessel into which all his ideas and dreams and unrealistic expectations were projected."

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