Waking the Witch

Waking the Witch


A darkly spellbinding story of witches, sisterhood and coming of age, steeped in Welsh mythology and Arthurian legend.

Ivy has spent years looking for her birth mother, but when she finally finds her on Bardsey Island, she is shocked by what greets her. According to folklore, the cormorants that fly over the remote Welsh isle are the terrifying witches of Arthurian legend - and they are searching for Ivy.

Her mum warned her not to come and to stay away from the lighthouse, but now it's too late. As the shadows draw closer, Ivy must look deep within herself if she wants to survive. For not every story in folklore is true, and some evils aren't what they seem...

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"We all want the fairy tale.

In the real world, orphans go unadopted and little girls who are abandoned by their mothers are raised by wolves, only to be eaten by them. But no one wants to hear that.

People aren't interested in the cruel and messy truth, so I don't tell them about me."

I can never resist books on witches and witchcraft so as soon as I read the title Waking the Witch I knew I had to read it. 

17 year old Ivy was abandoned by her mother as a baby and has never really felt like she can open up to anyone. When she finally discovers her mother's location she warns her it isn't safe to seek her out.

"I'm so sorry. I tried to keep you safe, but I see now that I can't. They won't stop until they have you, but I can't let that happen. Be strong, little one, trust no one, and know that"

Ivy doesn't listen though and sets out to seek her mother with her best friend Tom in tow. The resulting tale is full of myth and Arthurian legend, witches and demons. 

"A creature prowls opposite us, half hidden by the optic. It is tall, maybe twice the height of me, and walks on two legs, the top of its body leaning forward at an odd angle. Only its not a thing of flesh and blood. It's made of shadow: a swirling mass of black smoky air, it's outline blurred and wispy."

Waking the Witch was an interesting concept, appropriately creepy for the target age group and pretty funny at times as well. I look forward to the next installment. 


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