Joe's Expert Gardening Guide: Create Your Own Nature Garden

Joe's Expert Gardening Guide: Create Your Own Nature Garden


With around 16 million UK gardens covering a larger area than all our nature reserves, you could say our largest nature reserve is one big garden! In this practical guide, Joe shows you how to support and protect our rich and varied wildlife habitats.

Joe’s no-nonsense approach covers everything you need to know about doing your bit for wildlife. Learn how to manage soil and carefully select plants to create rich and varied habitats, from tall trees down to tiny, spring-flowering bulbs.

In this book, Joe demonstrates how to manage your outdoor space sensitively, and debunks the common misconception that ‘wildlife-friendly gardens’ have to be unkempt.

From bug hotels to pollinators, he also shares his ideas on fun and innovative projects to help kids, as the future custodians of our planet, engage with nature.

Joe Swift is an author, TV presenter and garden designer. He makes regular appearances on BBC’s Gardener’s World and the RHS Flower Shows

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Joe's Expert Gardening Guide: Create Your Own Nature Garden is a comprehensive gude to creating and maintaining a garden that enriches and nourishes the wildlife around it. 

This book contains everything you need to know to look plant the right plants to encourage a variety of bees, butterflies and insects. How to encourage and identify birds, bats and hedgehogs. Also, how to create a home for all these things. The role of water in a natural garden, composting and how to make a home for bats and birds and hedgehogs. 

As a complete novice in these things I found it incredibly intriguing and useful but I feel it would be beneficial to gardeners of every skill. 


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