The Night We Got Stuck in a Story

The Night We Got Stuck in a Story


Lana and Harrison are staying with their grandparents, when they discover their favourite tree to play in is under threat. That night, a magical golden thread leads them up through the hollow of the tree into a storybook land, where wind and rain rage and a fearsome beast terrifies all who live there.

When Harrison is kidnapped by the evil Spider Queen, Lana must do whatever it takes to find him, save the villagers and restore the balance of the storybook world, before the night is out.

A breathtaking journey through magical worlds for all the family, featuring Lana and Harrison, the adventure-loving siblings from the bestselling The Day I Fell into a Fairytale, from master storyteller, Ben Miller.

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I read this book when I was given it as part of a Book Fairy campaign. The Night We Got Stuck in a Story is an enchanting book and there is no part of I didn't love. In my opinion, it is perfect for adults and children alike, a classic. 

I read this book within a few hours of starting it and immediately wanted to start reading it again. It called to mind the same childhood sense of adventure as Enid Blyton's 'The Wishing Chair' and 'The Faraway Tree', and a desire even as an adult to be living Lana and Harrison's life. 

"There is something magical about hollow trees. Some people say they are the home of fairies and sprites." 

When a local developer wants to pull down the hollow tree home to some very special spiders the children are divided on their opinion. Harrison wants to protect the rare species but Lana doesn't really like spiders and would much rather have a new adventure playground. 

That night the children wake to find Lana attached to an insistent golden thread, one that Lana wants to follow. When Harrison finds himself captured by the evil spider Queen Lana knows she needs to rescue him whatever the cost.

The Night We Got Stuck in a Story also has a strong conservationist theme for those readers with an interest in nature. It is not done in a preachy way, rather it is there in the background of this magical tail.

So follow the golden thread, you won't regret it. 

"Wound around Lana's finger, running all the way to the open door,was a thin golden thread, glimmering in the lamplight. And something, somewhere, was pulling on it..."

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