The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris

The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris


From an exciting new voice in WWII historical fiction comes a tale of love, loss and a betrayal that echoes through generations…

Paris, 1940: War is closing in on the city of love. With his wife forced into hiding, Jacques must stand by and watch as the Nazis take away everything he holds dear. Everything except his last beacon of hope: his beloved bookshop, La Page Cachée.

But when a young woman and her child knock on his door one night and beg for refuge, he knows his only option is to risk it all once more to save a life…

Modern day: Juliette and her husband have finally made it to France on the romantic getaway of her dreams – but as the days pass, all she discovers is quite how far they’ve grown apart. She’s craving a new adventure, so when she happens across a tiny, abandoned shop with a for-sale sign in the window, it feels fated.

And she’s about to learn that the forgotten bookshop hides a lot more than meets the eye…

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"Death is coming for all of us sooner or later. It's how we live that matters."

I enjoyed Daisy Wood's previous novel so I was excited to read The Forgotten Bookshop in Paris.

"His bookshop will be a treasure trove; warm and safe in the winter, when the rain lashes down; airy in the summer, when breezes will waft the smell of baking from the boulangerie across the square and through the open windows. The quiet, welcoming atmosphere will soothehis customers' troubled minds. He'll be a discreet prescence at their elbow, ready to offer advice if required but content to let them browse for as long as they choose. Jacques wants to share the joy of discovering an author who speaks to one's soul, the thrill of being oneself in a story more vivid and exciting than real life."

When the Nazi's occupy Paris it causes tensions between Jacques and his wife Mathilde. She believes they should be doing something to fight against them but Jacques just wants to survive and keep his beloved wife safe. For Jacque it is the banning of his beloved books that initially causes him to rebel against the Nazi regime by hiding banned books in a hidden compartment at his shop. Then his beloved wife is forced into hiding and Jacques comes to realise he needs to do something more to fight back. 

Many years later Juliette is in Paris with her husband of 25 years when she discovers a square exactly like one her grandmother had an oil painting of in her bedroom. Whilst on the trip Juliette realises she and her husband has grown apart and she decides that maybe Paris is where she needs to be right now. 

I loved the feel of The Forgotten Bookshop In Paris and would definitely recommend it. 


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