Are You Happy Now?

Are You Happy Now?


At a New York City wedding, on a sweltering summer night, four people are trying to be happy.

Yun has everything he ever wanted, but somehow it's never enough.

Emory is finally making her mark, but feels the shame more than the success.

Andrew is trying to be honest, but has lied to himself his whole life.

Fin can't resist falling in love, but can't help wrecking it all either.

And then the world begins to end. The four of them watch as one of the wedding guests sits down and refuses to get back up. Soon it's happening across the world. Is it a choice or an illness?

Because how can anyone be happy in a world where the only choice is to feel everything - or nothing at all?

An intensely compulsive novel for anyone who has ever felt hopeful and helpless in one breath, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW is about how you keep living when the world is on fire. Perfect for fans of Emily John St. Mandel's Station Eleven, Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go, Patricia Lockwood's Nobody is Talking About This and Naomi Alderman's The Power.

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"Boy meets girl at a wedding and the world ends."

On paper Are You Happy Now? was my kind of book. However, the characters were so self-absorbed, shallow and repellent that I almost didn't finish the book several times. I only carried on because I enjoyed the author's previous book. 

I read this book to the end and I am still undecided whether it would have been better to have not read it. It made me feel something for the characters I guess but I don't feel like it left me with anything. Having said this, it was well written and I liked the premise. It wasn't for me but it may be the book for someone else. 

"The young woman in the teal dress appeared to have sat down....

Emory took both of Rose's hands and gently pulled, but as soon as she exerted enough force to threaten to bring her to her feet,Rose snatched herself out of Emory's grasp with what could only be described as a snarl. Her face was contorted, teeth bared.  Only when she was free did her expression slacken once again. Her eye though, those were blank."

If you can look past the entitled and obnoxious characters then you may enjoy the book.


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