The Orwell Tour Travels through the life and work of George Orwell

The Orwell Tour Travels through the life and work of George Orwell


A travelogue exploring the life and work of George Orwell through the places he lived, worked and wrote

Following in the footsteps of his literary hero, researcher and historian Oliver Lewis set out to visit all the places to have inspired and been lived in by George Orwell.

Over three years he travelled from Wigan to Catalonia, Paris to Motihari, Marrakesh to Eton, and in each location explored both how Orwell experienced the place, and how the place now remembers him as a literary icon.

Beginning in Northern India, where Orwell was born in 1903, and ending in the Oxfordshire village of Sutton Courtenay, where he was laid to rest in 1950, The Orwell Tour offers an accessible and informative new biography of Orwell through the lens of place.

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The Orwell Tour: Travels Through the Life and Works of George Orwell is written by an author who is clearly passionate about the topic and knows what he is talking about. 

When I saw the title of the book I knew I would want to read it. I read a book last year which mentioned briefly Orwell's untimely death and I realised then how little I knew about this author. This book is certainly a remedy for that. It is part travel log, part homage to a literary giant. 

The picture which emerges during the course of the book is of a complex man with a bookish nature. His background was not what I had envisioned and I certainly did not realise quite how much work he produced in his time. 

This book contains a wealth of knowledge on the author and has the bonus of being peppered with beautifully vivid descriptions of the author's journeys in Orwell's footsteps. 

A very informative read. 

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