The Silence

The Silence


Trigger warning: This novel involves reference to sexual assault and may be triggering.

Gail wakes in the middle of the night to everyone’s worst nightmare.

She can’t move, can’t speak and a stranger is standing over her. Then everything goes black.

Gail knows she didn’t dream it. Or him. But the police don’t believe her.

That was two years ago. She has tried to move on, forget what happened.

Until she meets his next victim.

This woman’s story is identical to hers. And the attack happened exactly one year later.

There is one week left until he will strike again.

Now the silence is broken, there is no telling what he will unleash…

Our Review

The Silence by Katerina Diamond is a dark read, as you might guess. The topic itself is something not everyone will feel comfortable reading, I hesitated before choosing to read this book, because of the subject matter, but it was a excellent read. 

The Silence is a highly intense read and throws up a lot of questions about the way sexual assault cases are sometimes dealt with. There is an angry tone to the book and rightly so. 

"The police do nothing, not always because they don't care - I'll give them that much - but because of the very intimate nature of it. It happens in offices, in bedrooms, in the backs of cars, or private cubicles in public bathroom stalls. There are rarely any witnesses, or if there are they aren't sure what they are seeing ." 

I was pretty sure early on that I knew who the rapist was but the journey to find out for sure was interesting enough that I didn't care. 

The main characters in The Silence weren't overly likeable but that didn't detract from the story and it didn't stop me rooting for them. 


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