Night Will Find You

Night Will Find You


Vivvy Bouchet saved a boy's life when she was a child, after a premonition. That boy is now a Texas police officer, who has always believed Vivvy is psychic, and he asks her to help him solve a high-profile cold case of a missing child.

Vivvy Bouchet saved a boy's life when she was a child, after a premonition.

That boy is now a Texas police officer, who has always believed Vivvy is psychic.

He convinces her to help him solve a high-profile cold case: three-year-old Lizzie Solomon disappeared in broad daylight from her home and a body was never found.

A popular podcaster's conspiracy theories about both he case and Vivvy have fans hanging on every dangerous word.

Until it becomes clear there may be a kidnapper - or killer - still on the loose...

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"Because you are like me

My mother's fingers still play a scale down my spine when I remember. She knew.

She knew that a dead woman trailed after me when I climbed up the stairs and fell back into the warmth and light."

Night Will Find You by Julia Heaberlin is PHENOMENAL!!!!!

I have loved every book I have read by this author but Night Will Find You was on another level. I finished reading it and wanted to reread it over and over again, Julia Heaberlin has defintely become an auto-buy author for me. 

"I wasn't a particularly brave little girl.I was afraid of roller coasters, backflips, horror movies, even the wall beside my bed. At night, after my mum turned off the light, I'd bang my fist on the wall to be sure it was solid. Because my sister complained, my mother limited me to fifty thumps - not so many as it sounds and never enough. I was certain I would slip through the wall where I slept, and no one would know where I'd gone tumbling."

All her life Vivvy Bouchet has walked a fine line between science and the supernatural, the real and the unknown. Even as a child, she was torn between the supernatural beliefs of her mother, and her sceptical older sister. 

As a child, Vivvy had a premonition that saved a young boy's life and made something of a hero of the young girl from the outsider family. Mike and his family helped them to be accepted into the community. 

"Most of all, they wondered about why we had to bring our heebie-jeebies from the Blue Ridge Mountains to their normal street on a pretty iron-flat piece of Texas." 

Now Vivvy works in a remote area of Texas as an astrophysicist and searches the skies for proof of the uknown. She came back to her hometown six months previously to look after her dying mother. Whilst there she has been helping out her police officer friend Mike unofficially with some unsolved cases. 

"The rumour is, after I look in my crystal ball of the dead Mike throws me on the table and cheats on his wife."

On the whole, the police are happy with the accuracy of her predictions.Then comes Jesse Sharp. 

"Only three steps in and Jesse Sharp feels on top of me. Body, dense. Ego, Denser. The gun at his waist, inconsequential, a prop he doesn't need."

Jesse Shap does not believe in her ability, does not want to use her to help on the cold case of the missing girl but he does, albeit reluctantly.I loved Jesse's character, very vivid and well-written.

The relationship between Vivvy and Mike is complicated by unresolved issues as well as the fact that he is married to her sister. I didn't find Mike to be a particularly likeable character and I often felt frustrated during their interactions. Theirs was not the only complex relationship. Vivvy and her older sister, Brig, have a lot of unresolved issues between them. 

"I'm the scientist. The astronomer with a PHD at twenty-eight. 

She is Mike's wife. The owner of a prelaw degree she never ignited.  

Do we always have to sacrifice, regret one thing for another? Could Brig not be a saint without also being a martyr? Could I not chose a dream in space without also being the selfish one?"

Unfortunately, Vivvy's work on the Lizzie Soloman case has put her firmly in the sights of conspiracy nut Bubba Guns. 

"Bubba Guns has declared that chemicals in the water are turning catfish gay and that the government operates 'weather weapons' to turn on earthquakes and tornadoes when the people get too rowdy or needs distracting." 

Bubba is an avid twitter user and soon has people riled up. Soon Jesse Sharp and her personal relationships are the least of her worries. 

Throughout the book we learn more about the enigma that is Vivvy Bouchet. She is torn between supernatural and scientific, Brig and her mum, Two conflicting sides of her personality.

"I shut my eyes briefly, listening because I love the other sound up here, the one with the wind is kicking up. Mysterious Voices. That is what mom called trees rustling before a storm. Psithurism, if you're a scientist.

As always, too much chatting in my head" 

There is so much to love about this book. I could go on forever. For now, let us just say that it is outstanding!

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