just Another Missing Person

just Another Missing Person


OLIVIA. 22 years old.

Last seen on CCTV, entering a dead-end alley. And not coming back out again. Missing for one day and counting . . .

Julia is the detective heading up the case. She knows what to expect. A desperate family, a ticking clock, and long hours away from her husband and daughter. But Julia has no idea how close to home it's going to get.

Because there's a man out there. And his weapon isn't a gun, or a knife: it's a secret. Her worst one. He tells her that her family's safety depends on one thing: Julia must NOT find out what happened to Olivia - and must frame somebody else for her murder . . .

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"Julia knew from the way Genevieve rushed toward her that something was wrong."

I really enjoyed this author's previous work so I was disappointed that this one didn't grip me so much. In fairness, me reading Just Another Missing Person coincided with a particularly busy period in my life, so my reading time was very disjointed and I feel this probably had an effect on my enjoyment. 

Julia is a dedicated member of the police force, through and hardworking until now. She is hiding something, and someone knows about it. Julia is investigating the curious disappearance of a young woman and someone wants her to frame an innocent man. She can protect her precious daughter or she can investigate the missing young lady, she can't do both. 

I have a love hate relationship with crime fiction, I often guess what is coming early on and I like to be surprised. One element of this book I guessed fairly early on but the other was a total shock. 

I felt this book wasn't as cohesive as it could have been but I can't claim to have disliked it. I was curious about the outcome, curious enough to finish the book, but I am not sure I can claim to care about it. 

Would I encourage people to read this book, maybe. Would I read it again? No. 

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