City of Stolen Magic

City of Stolen Magic


India, 1855. The British rule, and all across the country, Indian magic is being stamped out.

More terrifying still, people born with magic are being snatched from their homes. Rumour is that they are being taken across the sea - to England - by the all-powerful, sinister Company.

When Chompa's home is attacked and her mother viciously kidnapped, Chompa - born with powerful and dangerous magic that she has always been forbidden from using - must travel to the smoky, bustling streets of East London in search of her. But Chompa will discover far more treachery in London than she had bargained for - and will learn that every act of her rare magic comes with a price . . .

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"Hold on Ammi. Don't give up. Magic or no magic, I'll find you. I promise."

City of Stolen Magic was an absorbing read. I read it in just one day and it left a big impression. I will be buying copies for several people in my life. 

British Rule of India is a topic which is often glossed over and I knew relatively little about it, but enough to know that it was not a time period to be proud of. City of Stolen Magic takes place in both Colonial India and London and it certainly doesn't hold back in telling it like it is, rightly so. 

Chompa lives with her mother, Ammi in a remote Indian village. They are outsiders within the village because of their ability to perform magic, although this doesn't stop the villagers visiting to ask them for magical assistance. 

"No one came to see them - ever unless - they needed magic. Not for tea, not for gossip. Just magic." 

Chompa is able to perform 'finger magic' but her mother prefers her to use writing charms. Chompa is an impulsive young girl and prefers finger magic because of the ease of use and fast results. Ammi says that it is dangerous and has consequences but will not elaborate further. 

"Chompa has always known she could do magic she knew she coulld move and transport things, if she focused hard enough and channelled that focus through her index finger."

One day an incident occurs and shortly after Ammi is taken by 'Pale Faces', otherwise known as the British. Chompa will stop at nothing to get her mum back, even if it means putting herself in harms way. 

City of Stolen Magic is an astoundingly good book. I loved the inclusion of Djinn as they are a magical being not often included in books. The mixture of historical fiction and fantasy within the book also makes for a unique read. 

"Those damned Britishers want to steal everything from us, even from the food from our mouths, the earth under our feet."



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