The Temple of Fortuna EXTRACT ONLY

The Temple of Fortuna EXTRACT ONLY


Amara's journey has taken her far; from a slave in Pompeii's wolf den to a high-powered courtesan in Rome... though her story is not over yet.

While Amara plays for power in Rome's imperial palace, those dearest to her remain in Pompeii. But it is AD 79, and mighty Mount Vesuvius is about to make itself known...

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This is a short review of an extract from Elodie Harper's latest book The Temple of Fortuna. This is the final book in the series which began with the outstanding book The Wolf Den

Have you seen the gorgeous cover for The Temple of Fortuna? Stunning. Very visually appealing. 

Chapter 1 begins in Rome in September AD 79. Amara is saying goodbye to Queen Berenice. Queen Berenice is being banished from Rome due to political reasons by her lover Emperor Titus.Amara is there are the request of her patron. 

 Whilst this chapter is mostly focused on Rome, there is the odd nod to the previous book. 

"The wealth surrounding Amara is a different world from the darkness that shaped her in the Wolf Den, but for all the splendour here, there is still pain."

When Amara sees Queen Berenice she is unsurprised to see she has tears pouring down her face,

"Even the most powerful woman can be broken by love." 

The reader gains little hints that all may not be well in Rome. Amara doesn't like the journey home and doesn't like venturing out in Rome at night. 

"Who knows if a jumped up Greek courtesan might find herself attracting the violence the graffiti writers wanted to inflict in the banished Queen? Rome has always had an edge, under the surface like hot embers ready to burst into flame, but never more so than now." 

I found it interesting as well that there was a brief mention of Philos. Hopefully we will find out more about Philos in this book. 

"Against her will, Amara thinks of Philos, of what it felt like to be with a man who held her as if he never wanted to let her go. Whose love she never doubted. She crushes the memory, instead smiling at her patron, pretending she doesn't feel the ache of loneliness in her heart." 

The extract of The Temple of Fortuna was superb and the wait for publication will be all the more torturous after reading this. 


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