Enchantress Night World book 3

Enchantress Night World book 3


Love was never so scary...

The Night World is all around us - a secret society of vampires, werewolves, witches and creatures of darkness. They're beautiful - and deadly - and it's so easy to fall in love...

Blaise is irresistible. She's lethal.

She bewitches human boys for sport.

Then she meets a boy who matters - to her cousin.

They become rivals in love.

It's Thea's white magic against Blaise's black magic.

They're both breaking the rules.

And Thea risks expulsion from the Night World...

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This was my first Night World book and I loved it! I read it many, many years ago and still remembered almost every detail on rereading it because I read it so often.

The contrast between Blaise and Thea was stark and I can remember being fascinated by the details of the spells they could cast and all the outrageous things Blaise did.

Cousins Blaise and Thea are so different but their bond is strong. Thea and Blaise have been moved from family member to family member because Blaise likes to toy with the affections of human boys. Now they have been sent to live with the crone of the witches, their grandma. Their last chance. Thea is desperate to keep Blaise in line. 

Then Thea meets Eric, a human boy she just can't seem to keep away from. The Night World just has a few rules...never reveal its existance and never fall in love...

I loved how these books could be read out of order without it spoiling anything. It still annoys me now that the series hasn't been complete but I will never stop recommending the series to people. 

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