Daughters of Warsaw

Daughters of Warsaw


In a world torn apart by war, she’ll risk her life to save them.

1942, Warsaw

Young Zofia finds herself leading a double life when she is enlisted to help the fearless Irena Sendler save hundreds of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Every night, Zofia risks her life to shepherd the children to safety. But when the worst happens, she is forced to make her riskiest journey yet to keep Irena’s mission alive.

Now, Seattle

After yet another miscarriage, heartbroken Lizzie returns to the comfort of her childhood home, where she stumbles upon a hidden photograph of her great-grandmother among a mysterious group of people.

On a quest to discover more, Lizzie uncovers a buried past darker and more dangerous than she could ever have imagined…

A sweeping and heartbreaking story of two remarkable women, generations apart, each finding courage when all hope is gone. Perfect for fans of The Midwife of Auschwitz, The Woman Outside the Walls and The Paris Agent.

Our Review

Daughters of Warsaw was always going to be a book I loved. According to my boyfriend a book just has to have a vaguely depressing topic for me to love it. I like historical fiction from set in and around World War two, particularly if it has some inspiration from real life.  Daughters of Warsaw captured me because the heroine is a reluctant one, she didn't get out to be brave but her actions can certainly be described in that way.

Daughters of Warsaw is a dual timeline story, beginning with Lizzie taking refuge at her parents after a series of miscarriages. Whilst there she discovers a photo of her great-grandmother taken in Warsaw during the war.

Zofia works in the social welfare department in Warsaw and becomes a reluctant member of the resistance movement with encouragement from a friend. As time goes on Zofia sees that rescuing Jewish children is the most important thing she can do. Zofia risks everything to save them. 

"Lina was right. If every righteous-minded person just sat back...who knows where it would end?"

An excellent, haunting read


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