Anna 0

Anna 0


Anna Ogilvy hasn’t opened her eyes for four years

Not since that night at The Farm when she was found asleep with a kitchen knife in her hand, her clothes bloodstained, the bodies of her two best friends lying close.

She’d committed the crime of the century – but nothing and no-one could wake her from the nightmare.

Believers in her innocence call her Anna O. Believers in her guilt call her Sleeping Beauty.

But no-one can take their eyes off the story . . .

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'Was she guilty?' my date asks, or the woman who was formerly my date. I am nothing but a ghoul to her now, an anecdote for Christmas, or New Year. 'When she stabbed those two people. Did she really get away with murder?' 

Anna Ogilvy has been asleep since August 2019 but her name is on everyone's lips. 

Four years ago Anna was found asleep at an exclusive retreat called The Farm. She was in bloodstained clothes, holding a knife, and her the bodies of her two best friends lying next to her. She hasn't woken up since. 

Those who believe she is innocent call her Anna 0, those who believe she is guilty call her Sleeping Beauty. 

Anna O was a good concept and well executed on the whole. I didn't like any of the characters but I was interested in the mystery. However, I felt like the last third of the book I was rapidly losing interest in the outcome of the book. I felt like some of the later twists were a little implausible. 


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