The Memory Library

The Memory Library


For forty-two years, Sally Harrison has been building a library.

Each year, on her daughter’s birthday, she adds a new book to her shelves – with a note in the front dedicated to her own greatest work.

But Ella – Sally’s only child – fled to Australia twenty-two years ago after a heated exchange, and never looked back. And though Sally still dutifully adds a new paperback to the shelves every time the clock strikes midnight on July 11th, her hopes of her daughter ever thumbing through the pages are starting to dwindle.

Then disaster strikes and Ella is forced to return to the home she once knew.

She is soon to discover that when one chapter ends, another will soon follow…

All you have to do is turn the page…

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"It seemed like every book she opened was enticing her to read on, exactly as they had when she was younger." 

The Memory Library is a book for booklovers. Every year on her daughter's birthday Sally had bought a book for her daughter every year since she was born. Each book has a special message Sally would like to share with Ella but they have been distanct for a few years. Ella moved away to Austrailia and contacts her mum as little as possible. Then Sally gets injured and Ella has to come home to help her go about her daily life. 

"The tradition of giving her daughter a book inscribed with a message had turned eight years old today...To see that she now anticipated the note and opened the book with such reverence made Sally's throat clog with tears."

Ella is reluctant to go home but her husband encourages her to as he feels their life together is no longer making her happy and he feels she needs some space to decide what she wants.

There were many touching moments between Sally and Ella as they rediscovered each other and many moments that had me tear up. 

I think every bookworm with kids will want to start their own personalised library now. I certainly do., for my son and basically every bookworm in my life. 

"I asked myself what lesson I wanted to teach you,' Sally glanced across nervously, 'Not in a, you know, preachy way. More of a reflection of what I'd learned over the years at certain years." 

The Memory Library is a high on my recommended reads for 2024.

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