Sky The Huntress Trilogy

Sky The Huntress Trilogy


In this brilliant second book in The Hunters Trilogy Mouse, Crow and Sparrow are desperately trying to find the Storm-Opals before Stag can get to them.

Along the way they discover Sky-Tribes, Frog Men and secret libraries in the sky and forge new friendships.

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Sky is the second book in The Huntress trilogy by Sarah Driver and was just as good as Sea.

The book begins with Mouse, Sparrow and Crow fleeing Stag on the back of giant winged beast called a Terrodyl.

Mouse is still wary of trusting Crow in spite of his help to get Sparrow safely away from their enemies. She has good reason to be reluctant to trust him because she a member of the sea-tribe and destined to be captain whilst he was a Wrecker and belonged to a group of people who profited from the spoils of ship wrecks.

The small group are in possession of one of the famed Opals from a missing crown which has the ability to unite all the clans from the sea, the sky and the land. Before Mouse’s da went missing he hid a special map for Mouse to help her find the Opals and made it so that only a select few could view it. Unfortunately, Stag stole it off her so they are working on fragments of her memory about the map and the location of the remaining opals. Only Mouse is aware she has one of the opals because she isn’t sure she trusts Crow enough to tell him.

Their adventures in Sea have had a toll on Mouse and she is no longer the fearless girl she once was. Throughout the book there are many times where she is scared and has to rely on other characters for support but this seems to have softened some of her rough edges a bit and makes it easier to find allies.

As the trio are travelling Mouse reminds herself of some heart-truths to distract herself from the cold.

“Sometimes my tribe calls me Little-Bones. I love to howl and dive for pearls and shoot arrows from my longbow. There’s fire-crackle in my heart, Grandma always said. There’s fire crackle in the hearts of all my tribe…My home’s been thieved and now I’m out in the wild. My tribe are in danger. I need my fire crackle more than ever. ‘Cos the fights only just begun.”

They get shot down by a Sky-Tribe, a group of proud-faced warriors with bows, blades and spears. Until they were shot down by them the little group had assumed that all the Sky-Tribes were dead.

Whilst being held prisoner by the Sky Tribe Mouse is separated from Crow and the still-frail sparrow. Cold and alone things look helpless for her until a member of the tribe, Kestrel, sneaks into her cell to mend her wounds and bring her food. She also brings her news of Sparrow.

When the time comes for Mouse and the others to be sentenced by The Protector Mouse is disappointed to learn that Kestrel is The Protector’s daughter. However, when Kes decides to help them later on she ensures that she has to flee her own home but also that she and Mouse will become fast friends.

Kes and the other people she meets along the way help her to realise she is still someone without her ship.

“Still the question rises in me. What am I, without my ship? But now my own voice answers, heart-strong. I am something, wherever I am in the world, because of my kin and my friends I have made along the way. If I’d never left my ship, I couldn’t be who I am now.”

Sarah Driver has a talent for creating strong female characters and Kes is probably my favourite character in Sky.

I can’t wait for Storm to come out so I can see how the story ends.

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